Kizito Makatiani.

About Kizito Makatiani

Kizito Makatiani is the Founder and CEO of Turnkey Africa Ltd, a leading pan-African technology company. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from Moi University, Kenya, and a graduate of the Stanford Seed Transformation Program, Kizito combines engineering acumen with business savvy.

Leading Turnkey Africa

As CEO, Kizito has catapulted Turnkey Africa from its inception in 1997 to become a market leader in insurance technology. His creative and cultural vision led to the development of TurnQuest Insurance Suite, one of the most dynamic products in the market.

Public Engagements

Kizito is a frequent speaker at major industry events across Africa. His most recent engagements include the Africa Insurance & Reinsurance Conference (AIRC), the AIO Africa Reinsurance Forum, the Africa Bancassurance & Distribution Conference, and the Ghana Insurance Association’s 4th Life Insurance Conference.

Why Kizito Makatiani is the Ideal Speaker

Field Expertise: With over 20 years of experience, Kizito brings a wealth of knowledge on how technology is disrupting and transforming the African insurance sector.

Visionary Leadership: He is a proven leader who has successfully overseen Turnkey Africa’s growth into one of the fastest-growing companies on the continent.

International Recognitions: Kizito is sought after for his insights into the African insurance landscape, regularly speaking at major industry events.

As the CEO and Founder of Turnkey Africa Ltd., Kizito Makatiani stands as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and strategic foresight in the tech industry. His evolution from an engineering graduate to an influential figure in insurance technology in Africa is marked by his commitment to bridging the gap between technology and insurance. Kizito’s creation, the TurnQuest Insurance Suite, is a prime example of his ability to craft solutions that resonate with the market’s evolving needs. His leadership has not only propelled Turnkey Africa to the forefront of insurance technology but also made it an incubator for future-ready insurance solutions. His deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities makes him an ideal leader for CVPAI, guiding it in its mission to introduce and integrate advanced AI and ML capabilities within the African insurance sector.


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