Ayisi Makatiani, E.B.S.

About Ayisi

Ayisi Makatiani is an electronics engineer by training and a distinguished business executive with over 28 years of hands-on leadership experience across various sectors, including technology and finance. As an MIT alumnus with a strong academic foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as Economics, Ayisi combines technical proficiency with a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Industry Leadership

Ayisi is the Founder and CEO of Agencify Ltd., a trailblazing platform that uses advanced technologies to revolutionize the insurance agents’ management sector.He is also the Chairman of Turnkey Africa Ltd., the leading technology solutions provider for the pan-African insurance industry.
In his previous role as Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of Fanisi Capital Ltd., Ayisi was instrumental in unlocking $120 million for private equity investments in the region, demonstrating his remarkable fundraising and resource mobilization skills.

Innovating for Africa

What sets Ayisi apart is his unyielding focus on adapting global technological advancements to the unique needs and opportunities of the African market. His work has not only garnered him numerous awards and media features but has made him an influential voice in the evolving discourse on technology’s role in Africa’s development.

Expertise in AI & ML

Having completed specialized courses like “AI for Business Leaders,” Ayisi possesses a nuanced understanding of the disruptive potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. His current initiatives involve leveraging these technologies to enhance efficiency, create value, and drive transformation in the African insurance sector.

Why Ayisi is the Ideal Speaker

In-depth Knowledge: Ayisi’s rich educational background equips him to delve into the complexities of AI and ML, making the session informative and insightful. Real-world Experience: His leadership roles in tech-focused companies make him well-versed in the practical applications and challenges of implementing AI and ML solutions.
Influential Network: With high-level contacts in both private and public sectors, Ayisi is uniquely positioned to facilitate meaningful dialogue among key stakeholders.

Media Features

Ayisi has been featured in global media including The Economist, Time Magazine, and CNN, further solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in technology and business.

A visionary in the intersection of technology and business, Ayisi Makatiani’s journey from MIT to the forefront of African innovation is characterized by his unique blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen. As the Founder & CEO of Agencify Ltd., and the Chairman of Turnkey Africa Ltd., he has a rich history of implementing tech-driven solutions in the insurance sector. His role in pioneering private equity in East Africa through Fanisi Capital Ltd. and shaping Kenya’s Vision 2030 showcases his knack for identifying and harnessing growth opportunities. Ayisi’s experience in leading transformative projects positions him perfectly to steer CVPAI in revolutionizing the insurance industry through cutting-edge AI and ML solutions, making him a pivotal figure in driving the adoption of these technologies in African insurance markets.

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